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Manage & Grown Your Team

With Cairn Accounting, managing employees and growing your team is breeze. Our team of payroll experts can help onboard new employees, calculate payroll & taxes and file with the proper agencies, accurate and on time!

Your employees work hard, but payroll shouldn’t be. Overtime, bonuses, commissions, we can handle it all and make sure your employees are paid right the first time. Payroll tax? Not a problem, through our payroll providers not only do we calculate tax but we file it too. Check this one off your list, we’ve got you!

Payroll problem? Not anymore! Talk to one of our payroll experts and get answers fast!

Taxes & Reporting

The Federal Government, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the State Government, and the State Unemployment Agency all demand specific reporting. You must adhere to the detailed, and constantly changing, guidelines that these agencies demand of all employers.

Cairn Accounting stays current with all of these guidelines so you don’t have to.

How It works:

  1. We Generate Payroll Checks
  2. We Ensure Witholdings are Correct
  3. We Prepare and File all necessary reports to the proper agency
  4. You enjoy easy payroll!

Ready to take the headaches out of payroll and get back to business? Cairn Accounting can help!


We'll manage your money, so you can build your business.

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